The ASEE Specialist program is an opportunity for ASEE members to serve as either paid or unpaid consultants in their areas of expertise to individuals or organizations.

ASEE receives requests from higher education institutions, foreign government organizations, and non- and for-profit organizations to provide consulting services which include pedagogical and/or technical training for faculty, curriculum and program development, and assistance with program development. With the creation of the ASEE Specialist program, ASEE shall aspire to select providers of such services from among our designated specialists, increasing the transparency of the process and making these opportunities available to as many of our members as possible.


Applications will be reviewed by committee thrice annually, with the designation of “Specialists” in December, April, and August. The deadlines for each review period are December 1, April 1, and August 1 respectively with the review committee being selected the month prior. Applications are approved if they show sufficient evidence to establish the member’s credentials as an expert in the areas they indicate.

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